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Now Get An EXTRA £50 On Your Next Referral

Multiple Bonuses for Consultant Locum Doctors


You can now get an EXTRA £50 BONUS for each and every additional referral bonus. See below the bonus you will receive after you've earned your first bonus.

TIP: It is easier to join locum agencies at the same time but if you are planning on registering with more than 4 locum agencies we would advise that you stagger when you complete the self referral forms.


£850 at 150 Hours or

 £400 at 50 Hours

Pertemps Medical Logo

£850 at 150 Hours

Global Medics Logo

£550 at 100 Hours

Medacs Healthcare logo

£300 at 50 Hours

Interact Medical.png

£400 at 50 Hours

Holt Doctors logo

£300 at 100 Hours

TXM Healthcare.png
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