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Australasia's largest medical recruitment agency

We have more doctor jobs than any other agency in NZ and Australia, so you have more choice. We also place more doctors than any other agency across NZ and Australia. So when you work with us, you know you’re working with the best in the industry


Where we place doctors

MedRecruit places doctors from all over the world in New Zealand and Australia. We have offices in both countries with a team of over 75 people dedicated to helping doctors find the right job. Whether you want to earn an extra bit of income, make a positive difference in a specific community, or just change things up, we have the job for you. In fact we have over 2200 jobs covering all grades and all specialities.


Australia is the biggest employers of doctors, with the highest amount of jobs available in Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania. Not surprisingly, these states also have the highest doctor shortages so there is plenty of longer-term locum work if that's what you prefer. New Zealand on the other hand not only have a large amount both locum and permanent jobs in the major cities, but also have more regional and remote locations to offer.