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GP workforce experiencing 'worrying workload' amid staff shortages

30th June 2022 - Sky News

In 10 years' time, 25% of general practice roles are expected to be vacant. The Royal College of General Practitioners is calling for more support for those in the profession.

They are our first point of call when we are unwell and are seeking reassurance.

But the GP workforce is in crisis because of crippling shortages, that's the stark warning from the chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners as he addressed some 3,000 doctors from across the nation at their annual conference in London.


Trainee GP fined for hospital parking after night shifts overran by minutes says it shows NHS staff are underappreciated

Doctor's Opinion Blog

If actions speak louder than words, are we expected to believe what’s being said, or what’s being done? This is the question buzzing in the heads of all junior doctors today as news surfaced on major media outlets that a GP trainee was fined a whopping £100 for overrunning his night shift parking - by less than 10 minutes! 


Dr Ratwatte, who’s training in north London, took to social media to express his disbelief and frustration as he was fined - twice - for overstaying by under ten minutes after 12.5 hour nights. This comes as an added insult to the injury that is the cost of living crisis, squeezing the resources of every household. The trainee posted pictures of the fine, which graciously states the fine can be discounted by 40% if pain within 14 days.



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