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Harrowing stories of burned out NHS doctors bullied and broken in decade of Tory cuts

12th February 2020 -  Mirror

Dedicated to caring for the sick and vulnerable, junior ­doctors should expect to be ­supported and valued as they carry out their vital work.

But hundreds have revealed they are subjected to bullying and harassment at overstretched hospitals that have been plunged into a staffing crisis by a decade of savage Tory health cuts.

A Mirror investigation uncovered harrowing stories of young medics being denied drinking water during gruelling shifts, working for 15 hours on their feet non-stop and of uncaring managers tearing into them for breaking down in tears over the deaths of patients.

Day in the life of an F1


Zana Martin

One of the biggest challenges I’m sure every FY1 faces is learning to trust your clinical judgement and having the courage to implement a plan for a patient. Things like prescribing laxatives will induce panic, as will the thought of being around a patient with a EWS of anything more than one. Despite feeling like you will never be able to do it, the confidence and competence will grow exponentially in those first few weeks and suddenly you will find yourself wondering why you worried in the first place.



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