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New China virus: Number of cases jumps as virus spreads to new cities

20th January 2019 -  BBC News

China has reported 139 new cases of a mysterious virus in two days, with the outbreak spreading from Wuhan to other major Chinese cities.

Beijing, the capital, reported two cases, while the southern tech hub of Shenzhen reported one case.

The total number of confirmed cases now exceeds 200, and three have died from the respiratory illness.

The sharp uptick in those infected comes as millions of Chinese prepare to travel for the Lunar New Year holidays.

Day in the life of an F1


Zana Martin

One of the biggest challenges I’m sure every FY1 faces is learning to trust your clinical judgement and having the courage to implement a plan for a patient. Things like prescribing laxatives will induce panic, as will the thought of being around a patient with a EWS of anything more than one. Despite feeling like you will never be able to do it, the confidence and competence will grow exponentially in those first few weeks and suddenly you will find yourself wondering why you worried in the first place.



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