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Late diagnosis of breast cancer rises as NHS struggles in Covid crisis

26th November 2021 -  The Guardian

Soaring numbers of women are being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, undermining their chances of survival, because of Covid’s disruption of NHS care, a charity has warned.

The number of women being diagnosed with the disease at stage 4 is as much as 48% higher in some months than expected, with the pandemic to blame, says Macmillan Cancer Support.


At the same time, fewer women are being confirmed as having breast cancer at stage 1, when their chances of responding well to treatment and living longer are much higher.

doctor in PPE suit uniform has stress in Coronavirus outbreak or Covid-19, Concept of Covi

The Pandemic - As experienced by a Midwife



I'll be honest, I genuinely thought covid would get me... 

These are the words I said to my GP on the December 2020 when I finally went to see her.  


I am writing this to, explain my prolonged absence from work, my lived experience as a member of staff working through this pandemic, because I feel guilty, but I also feel my mixed emotions are valid and should be heard.



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