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In our mission to get rewards and discounts for doctors we created the What The Bleep locum agency bonus scheme. 

Helping over 2000 doctors to register with the main locum agencies in the UK and pick up a bonus from each and every one!

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Rise in national insurance could fund post-Covid boost for NHS

3rd September 2021 -  The Guardian

A manifesto-busting 1p increase in national insurance contributions for workers and employers could be used for a post-Covid boost for the NHS and to address long-term social care funding.

With MPs returning to Westminster after their summer recess on Monday, one source suggested the government was keen to rush the necessary legislation through in the three weeks before the Commons breaks again for the party conference season, with the funding badged as a health and social care levy.


The final details of the funding package to help the NHS deal with the legacy of Covid are to be thrashed out in crunch talks on Friday, with health service leaders fearing the final figure could be just half the £10bn they are demanding.

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Recovering From COVID-19


Dr Chris Gough - Anaesthetist and Intensivist

Now that I am recovering from Covid-19, I want to share my symptoms, and my experience, in case it is of help to anyone else. I've felt pretty rotten the last few days, but am finally improving. I am only talking about my own experiences - as a patient, not a doctor.

I'll have a quick moan about testing, and then go through my symptoms. Testing, testing, testing. We must stop the ridiculous imbalance where politicians and sports stars can apparently get tested, but frontline health workers cannot. The criteria must be consistent.



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