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Medical apps have come a long way and have become more useful to help your life as a doctor. We have been testing lots of medical apps and chosen our favourites, all of which are free and available on both Apple and Android. If you sign up to our What's The Latest? Newsletter we will also keep you posted when new apps worth trying become available.
Figure 1 medical app logo



One of our favourite medical apps, where you can discuss real medical cases with over 500,000 healthcare professionals worldwide, and a paging feature where you can page specialists around the world for fast feedback on your cases.

Android  I  iOS

Daily Rounds medical app logo



This is a great app to test your clinical knowledge through a selection of clinical cases and MCQs. Good fun to waste some time while learning some new things.

Android  I  iOS

pocket doctor medical app logo
Pocket Dr is an evidence based medical app providing junior doctors with an invaluable tool, with the most common on-call situations, succinct treatment plans and much more. Free for android. 79p for iOS.
Android  I  iOS
Mapem medical app logo



A group of junior doctors have just released: Mapem (manage and prescribe emergency medicine) an app that offers hospital specific information, as well as guidelines, medical calculators, a growing drug formulae, as well as a conference and courses finder.

Android  I  iOS medical app logo



An essential app for doctors to quickly and easily look things up while at work or on the go. If you can get to a computer the online version allows you to print the page into a patient information leaflet.

Android  I  iOS

Jorte calendar organiser app logo



Getting a good calendar/organising app is crucial, and we'd recommend Jorte. The app is set out like a real paper organiser, and has some cool features such as checking a shared calendar, and adding photos to events you put in.

Android  I  iOS

Calculate QxMD medical app logo



An essential app for doctors, a medical calculator/scoring app. There are a variety of different med calc apps but our favourite is the Calculate QxMD, with the essential medical scoring and decission tools.

Android  I  iOS

genius scan app logo
A scanning app will make your life so much easier. You can scan documents with your phone with clarity. Useful for scaning timetables, timesheets, receipts or any other documents, which you can save to your phone or send.
Android  I  iOS
BNF junior doctor medical app logo
Although it's not been released yet, we are excited about the brand new app for the British National Formulary (BNF) bringing you up-to-date, offline drug information, with new features including a useful drug interactions checker. Coming out soon.
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