NHS England boss Stevens to step down this summer

29th April 2021 - BBC News

Sir Simon Stevens is to step down as head of NHS England and become a peer, the government has announced. After seven years in the job, he will leave his role at the end of July after having overseen the Covid vaccination rollout to all adults.

Sir Simon had intended to leave sooner but agreed to stay on through last winter. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he had "led the NHS with great distinction".

"I want to thank him for his dedicated service throughout - but especially when facing the extraordinary pressures of the past year, and for his huge contribution to our vaccine rollout," Mr Johnson said.



Recovering From COVID-19

Dr Chris Gough


Now that I am recovering from Covid-19, I want to share my symptoms, and my experience, in case it is of help to anyone else. I've felt pretty rotten the last few days, but am finally improving. I am only talking about my own experiences - as a patient, not a doctor.

I'll have a quick moan about testing, and then go through my symptoms. Testing, testing, testing. We must stop the ridiculous imbalance where politicians and sports stars can apparently get tested, but frontline health workers cannot. The criteria must be consistent.

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