Covid: Doctors call for Covid Plan B to start in England

22nd October 2021 - BBC News

An "unacceptable" level of Covid cases means ministers should trigger their Plan B for the pandemic in England, doctors say.

The British Medical Association (BMA) accused the government of being "wilfully negligent" for not reimposing rules such as mandatory face masks.

Daily UK infections have been above 40,000 for eight days in a row.

No 10 said ministers are "monitoring the usual metrics" on coronavirus and "won't hesitate to act if need be".

Boris Johnson's official spokesman said that, while the government listened to a variety of voices, including doctors, "we don't always agree".

He said reports that a harsher so-called Plan C for England was in the works were "not accurate". "Neither ministers nor officials are working on those proposals," he added.

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The Pandemic - As experienced by a Midwife



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