NHS cancer backlog in England will not be cleared until late 2027, says Macmillan

11th April 2022 - iNews

The cancer backlog in England could take more than five years to clear if the NHS continues to work at its current rate, a leading charity has warned.

New analysis from Macmillan Cancer Support reveals without urgent action the backlog in cancer treatment in England is set to last until September 2027 – at least four years longer than the charity originally anticipated. Macmillan said the reasons behind the delay include ongoing disruption from Covid-19 and existing NHS pressures.

The charity had predicted the NHS would be able to treat 10 per cent more people for cancer each month than it did before the pandemic, and would continue to do so.

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The Pandemic - Experienced by a Junior Doctor

Rebecca Waldron

Received a text from work today: 


“Dear all We are running low on oxygen 

*please can all patients requiring oxygen be reviewed. 

− stop optiflow where possible 

− Reduce from 15L O2 where possible 

− consider stepping down from CPAP if possible …


This is a site emergency”