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With the current situation it looks pretty bleak for all of us working in the NHS. So we've researched all the extra ways that you can get that bit of extra cash and make the most of the money you do have, from expenses you can claim, NHS schemes, NHS discounts and locum advice.




Yes as a doctor you can claim certain expenses as tax deductions, reducing the tax you pay in total. You can claim on your GMC and BMA subscriptions, MDU/MPS fees, expenses for work items e.g. stethoscope, theatre shoes; certain travel expenses (usually not to and from work, but anything extra). Unfortunately HMRC sees courses and exams as career progression so do not include these.

The good thing is that you can claim up to 4 years previous for those of you who didn't know about it until now. For SHOs and Registrars this can be a saving of around £200-300 per year, and FY1s around £100 per year. If the claim is less than £1000 then give HMRC a call on 01355359022. If it's above £1000 you'll need to fill in a form (P87) found here




You should make the most of the study leave and associated expenses you are entitled to. The BMA explains that professional or study leave is granted for hospital doctors and GPs. It covers study, research, teaching, examining or taking examinations, visiting clinics and attending professional conferences. It is recommended that employers allow trainees a maximum of 30 days leave in 3 years, which most trusts interpret as 10 days a year. Once study leave application has been agreed the employer must pay all reasonable expenses associated with that period of time. Many trusts will have a capped study leave budget however the Department of Health has said this is unreasonable, the right to take study leave should not depend on the employers financial position. Where study leave is turned down, or expenses not paid. See BMJ's advice.




Many doctors have to relocate as part of their training. The NHS policy for reimbursement of relocation expenses is not always well publicised to junior doctors, but a maximum of £8000 can be reimbursed as a tax-free allowance. This could include stamp duty, solicitor fees, letting agency fees, travel and sustenance in locating a property/moving in and travel/hire of furniture removal van. You claim this with the NHS trust that is employing you. The forms will be found on your trusts own website and will have specific details of what you can claim.




The most popular and available NHS scheme is the cycle to work scheme offered by most trusts. You get a selection of bikes to buy, once you've signed up and chosen your bike and equipment the price of the bike comes out of your salary before tax/national insurance/pension so you end up saving 30-40%+, and the bike is paid off over 12 months, so you don't pay it all up front. There are other schemes done occasionally: car lease schemes, laptop and phones but done less often and in selective hospitals. The schemes are specific to your trust, so for details contact your hospital NHS Scheme co-ordinator.



Other areas to save money: NHS discounts, Locuming.

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