Welcome to the Locum Guide. Covering everything from advice if you want to do locum work as a doctor, with our first reward referral system for joining locum agencies, and tax efficiency companies as well as help on doing an appraisals as a locum doctor.


  • ADVICE & TIPS Advice for doctors who want to locum to get the most out of it.

  • LOCUM AGENCIES A referral system for doctors to get a reward when they join a locum agency.

  • DOCTORS APPRAISAL Doctors can now get their GMC appraisal and revalidation with an exclusive £200 discount.

  • CRUISE SHIP DOCTORS The largest Cruise ship companies are looking for doctors. So if you are looking to travel with you work then get in touch.



Who needs to have an appraisal, how to prepare for it and an exclusive discount to book your independent appraisal.



We are looking for Doctors to work on Cruise Ships! Tax Free Salary, with all food and accommodation included. You'll get a Private Cabin with Steward Service with Full Guest / Full Deck Privileges