Baby Doctor Poem

A Day In The Life Of A Baby Doctor

Pooja Parekh


Waking up half an hour early and spending at least 10 GBP currency

To get scrubs from a scrubs dispenser cos the NHS is so fancy(!)

Running into ward round with no time for a coffee

Who am I kidding, we have no mugs or milk for patients, let alone me

Shining through my admin role of writing neatly and quickly

We see all the premies in NICU 1, 2 and 3

As it is Paediatrics and we are all nice people

We lunch and dine together, even give away our apple

The afternoon is spent changing feeds and vent settings

Inserting lines, performing cruss' in between alarm rings

Once the bleep is in our hands and we have to run to deliveries

We're deafened by screaming mothers thanks to the birds and the bees

Terrified dads and crying grandparents are usually around

Pictures aren't allowed until the baby has crowned

Between the midwifery madness and obstetric tricks

Sometimes the baby doesn't cry and I'm stuck in a fix

The neonatal team are crash called as I perform life-saving resuscitation

You may call it stressful but I call it adrenaline-pumped fun

On a good day we have "normal" babies, rooting and pooping

They have head to toe baby checks and the bleep rarely rings(!)

All I want at the end of a day like this is some strong smelling coffee

Especially if what you're offering is spill-proof and free!