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Dermatology is a speciality which focuses on conditions of the skin; however a dermatologist will also appreciate the effect on the patient's life, as well as being aware of many multisystem conditions which may present with dermatological symptoms but affect other organs. Predominantly an outpatient based speciality the main joy is from the diagnostic challenges, correctly treating and having such an impact on the patient's quality of life.
  • Good communication skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Practical skills

  • Enjoys the diagnostic challenge

An average week would be predominantly filled with outpatient clinics, with time in the afternoons reviewing ward referrals or a day case surgical list, with additional time in the week for administration, teaching and departmental meetings.
  • Minimal on-call commitments.

  • Great job satisfaction from treating and making a huge difference to patients with a visible and debilitating dermatological condition.

  • Small and often friendly department to work in.

  • Patients refusing to engage with treatment can be challenging.

  • Prioritising patient care to minimise complications can be difficult.

  • Clinics are often very busy.

Dermatology cartoon doctor
Dermatology Career Speciality Cartoon
  • Around 25-30% of children have eczema and 10% of adults making it one of the most common conditions with people such as Brad Pitt and Kate Middleton known to have the condition.

  • Although dark skinned people are less likely to get malignant melanoma, they are most likely to get the acral lentiginous melanoma subtype which appears on the soles, palms, toe and fingernails. This condition led to the death of Bob Marley in 1981.


Salary                         5
Competitive                3
Variety in Work           2
Work Life Balance      4
British Association of Dermatologists
NHS Medical Careers
Royal College of Physicians
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