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The Locum Bonus Terms & Conditions

1 You must complete the respective locum agency referral form on this website prior to registration and your registration with the locum agency must come about as a result of their subsequent contact with you. 

2 You can register and work for more than one locum agency so you can earn more than one bonus. 

3 You will not be eligible for the bonus if you have previously made contact with the locum agency to be eligible for the bonus payment.

4 If you have been referred to the locum agency by a 'friend'/'colleague' or any other third party referrer prior to completing the self referral form then you will not be eligible for your bonus.

5 Your bonus payment will be triggered when you have been paid for working the required number of hours. 

6 Your bonus will only be valid if the hours work are completed within 12 months of registering with an agency.

7 The bonus payment will be paid direct by online bank transfer only. If you did not add your bank details to the form we will get in contact with you when the bonus is due to arrange payment by bank transfer.

8 The bonus will be provided to you by What the Bleep.

9 Only one bonus payment will be paid to you per agency. 

10 If you do not work the required number of hours specified, no bonus payment or part payments will be due.

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